1.7.4 – Final Toll

My father’s voice shattered the tranquil night, speaking words I did not know. I looked around, slowing my pace. Others likewise came to a halt, our caravan coming quickly to rest, and murmurs arose all around us. More than one of the druids in Rina’s party pressed their hands to the graven pendants they carried, moon […]

1.7.3 – Obfuscation 

West of the storehouse, fields gave way to small and struggling bushes, the outlying arms of the forest ahead. The sky was an iron-hued and starless dark. Snowflakes drifted in and out of torchlight, flaring like sparks.   Faith walked near the head of the line, though the shuffle and the dark often hid her from […]

1.7.2 – Partition Drop  

I stormed into the dark storehouse, and went to the left at once, away from the door and prying eyes. Stacks of crates had been uncovered and left in disarray by the druids, but the further down the aisle I went, the more difficult it would be for me to be seeen from the open […]

1.7.1 – Burdens Chosen

It was hard to imagine a dark winter when Eris walked with her hand in mine. She must have felt my father’s ring, but she said nothing, only adjusted her grip about the signet.   We walked in silence. A few young children spoke here or there and were soon hushed, but even they seemed […]

1.7.0 – Heavy Hand

Starless night beneath the trees played host to a collection of humanity the likes of which I had never seen. Old men and children. Women of every age, wherever I looked. A handful of wounded men, scattered through the crowd and looking like forlorn animals, some in the Church’s scarlet, some not. There were fewer […]

1.6.6 – Valediction

I felt heightened. My senses were sharper, my eyes were wider. The dreadful haze of fatigue in which I had toiled was lifted. The strains of the labors I had undertaken, instead of sapping my strength, invigorated me. I walked with an animated stride, blood rushing pleasantly in my veins, as though I enjoyed stroll […]

1.6.5 – Heavenly Design

Is God comprehensible? To think of God is to comprehend…him? Her? Ever had the pronoun bedeviled me.  Thus began my heresies. God, I had been taught, was all-encompassing. Why limit the infinite with the attribution of a singular sex? To discuss God, to treat of Godhood, to discuss Godliness, is to work purely within the bounds […]

1.6.4 – Fragment Iteration

I could not stop. The fear and flight kept my blood high, prevented me from too deep a meditation on what I had become. Even now, my limbs once again began to shake, the pain of my wounded shoulder seeped through, the thin scratch down my neck burnt like acid.   The Inquisitor did not move. […]

1.6.3 – Force Multiplier

Twice I had knelt before death. Once in my cloister at Saint Isaac’s, at the unjust mercy of an archbishop. Once in the hollowed-out church of Caer Fara. Now, this third and final time, that dark and familiar lucidity. Death. Bleak as the black face of the ring on my hand. Druids named it The […]