0.1.1 – Gideon’s Hollow

The morning was an ugly blur of mist and bare trees.   We walked in silence for more than an hour, sore, half-frozen, and wordless. I didn’t know how long we travelled, only that it must have been more than an hour, and just a bit less than two, since it was only two hours from […]

0.0.4 – The Templar’s Plan

“See, you’ll forgive me if I seem a wee bit skeptical, Sir Valraven,” I shifted my weight, felt the mud squelching on the other side of my ragged oilcloth. “But seeing as Bridgeport is the oldest fucking prison ever constructed, and crawling with Templar as well, I’d be inclined to say at first glance that whoever […]

0.0.3 – Out The Back Door

I slammed through the back door of the tavern. The knuckles of my hands were scraped and bloody. Night was falling, and so was a fair amount of rain. The air outside was cold, clammy—another miserable evening in Frydain.   “Fuck me,” I said, and nearly fell flat on my face in the mud as I missed […]

0.0.2 – Feeling Optimistic

Eris sat with her back to the door. I suppose when you were six feet tall and built like a dolmen stone, you could do that sort of a thing, but I found it rather foolish just the same. It meant that, when six Church soldiers walked into our little shitscrape pub, she was the last one to […]