0.1.5 – Into Angelshire

We left the bandit camp behind and led our horses on foot until we found the road to Bridgeport. It was another damp, miserable day, and we rode in silence, not a word said among us.   Aidan rode at the vanguard, sitting high and straight on his horse. Eris rode some distance back from him, and I brought up the […]

0.1.4 – Riverwoman

Gideon’s Hollow was a stopover town for messengers and coaches making the run from Barre-On-The-Reeds to Bridgeport. The beasts our dead highwaymen had taken would fetch a fine price, and any merchant would be more inclined to buy them and reap the profits than to tell the Church and get nothing.   Wasn’t a bad plan. […]

0.1.3 – Flash The Powder

I had to crane my neck to look over the embankment, sitting with my back to a tree, legs stretched out on the leaf litter. Eris waited at the base of the hill, squatting in the mud by her pack.    The ground favored us. The low hill was an arc, curving east and west, embracing […]

0.1.2 – Woodcraft

We left Gideon’s Hollow and headed up the hill, into the Forest. Our rogue Templar took the lead, moving along with hardly a snapped twig, cloak trailing just above the leaves. Eris and I walked side by side on the trail.   “Fresh tracks,” the Templar said, from the front of our little trio. Eris jumped […]