0.3.3 – Fogbreak

“For fuck’s sake,” I lowered my stick. “You’re not trying to strangle it. Ease up on the damn thing until you’re going to hit me with it.”  Eris looked down at her hands, tried to adjust the grip, failed.   “I keep feeling like I’m going to drop it.”   “Then don’t drop it.”   Eris tried to tag me with […]

0.3.2 – Templar Steel

I’d seen early mornings before. Raids on positions where the sun was in mens’ eyes at a particular hour. Dawn that came too quick after a long night without sleep. Eerie mornings in the Forest when the paths turned empty again. 

Whatever it was that had made the night restless, Eris had managed to forge through it; she was the only one still sleeping.

0.3.1 – Red Pines

Angelshire was the heart of Frydain, the central shire of the kingdom. It bordered old Queenshire to the north, where Blackforge and the Queen’s throne had sat for far, far longer than the Church’s reign, and it was the only one of the six shires to cover both banks of the river. Riding the Highroad northeast, slowly approaching the banks of […]