0.4.2 – Dark Night Of The Soul

The guard by the door sat at attention for a long while, visible only as a shape in scarlet and a face lit in flashes by the torch between us. Iron bars on the floor dug into my legs, and I became quite aware that my little encounter with the Inquisitor had left me drenched […]

0.4.1 – Iron Bars

We passed a corridor that looked exactly like all the others, walking in frigid silence ahead of the Inquisitor. My skin crawled like the maggots had got to it already. Not that there would be enough of me left for the maggots to take.   “The fire will not take us.”   You’re awfully confident of that.   Aidan […]

0.3.5. – Inquisitive Eyes

The entrance to the fortress was a blur. One of eight identical doorways, each guarded by a single Templar in a full suit of silver plate. Aidan voiced the cold lie, ‘blessed be the peacekeepers,’ and we were admitted. I marched ahead, hands bound behind my back, walking on a leash like a fucking animal. My wrists ached. So did […]

0.3.4 – Prisoner’s Walk

The hill down to the southern gate of Bridgeport was gradual. The ground fell away on either side of the Highroad, as if time had even shifted the height of the world. I wondered if that was it; if the whole world was sinking, year after year, until one day in the distant future when the sun was cold, the Highroad would come free and fall into the depths. I wondered how long it would take.