0.6.2 – Penitent Rush

Sword and scabbard were heavy in one hand. We were standing before I realized I’d pushed myself up, too late for me to worry about how stiff my knees had been from riding. I put a hand on Mariead’s shoulder to steady her before she stumbled.   “Why would they sound a horn first?” She had her bow […]

0.6.1 – Two Fires

In cold water and empty forests, I’d tried to remember the wild, witless heat of summer, the sense of wholeness that had eluded me for so long. The memory of other seasons fled at the turning of the last leaf, swallowed up by winter.  

0.5.8. – Plague Church

The ride passed in fits and bumps, right hand twisted up in the reins while I tried very much not to fall out the saddle, trusted my horse to know what he was doing and follow the other.   I didn’t manage to get any sleep. Mariead might have—at times I looked over and saw her head lolling […]

0.5.7 – Run the Highroad

The north shore of the Runing was a jumble of rock, moss, and roots, with plenty of overhangs and outcroppings to hide us from eyes on the bridge. Eris put in between two low hills that crumbled into the river, overgrown with brambles on either side. A tranquil little cove was formed among the stones, […]