So, What Now? Thanks for reading this far, and welcome to the conclusion of Book One. Here’s what’s up next for Blank Slate:   The Hiatus: Keeping this going all year has been…surprisingly chill, actually, but I am going to take a few  weeks to decompress after finishing Book One. But don’t worry! There will still […]

0.7.2 – Epilogue – Northshire Noon

Snow was falling. Not proper snow, not heavy flakes that clung and stuck and would linger through the afternoon. Only the first shy snow of autumn. Half sleet, it melted when it struck, vanished into the ground. But it was a reminder. Something inevitable. Something we couldn’t outrun.   It was cold. The wind cut like […]

0.7.1 – Bolthole Midmorning 

Landed on my feet, knees protesting. The air in the bolthole was clammy, but clean; no smoke, and no sulfur. Eris came down into the hole after me, then Mariead. Eris jumped; Mariead was lowered down by her brother. She winced at the force of Aidan’s grip on her arm, and more fell than lowered […]