So, What Now?

Thanks for reading this far, and welcome to the conclusion of Book One. Here’s what’s up next for Blank Slate:  

The Hiatus:

Keeping this going all year has been…surprisingly chill, actually, but I am going to take a few  weeks to decompress after finishing Book One. But don’t worry! There will still be Content for you to enjoy.   

The Content:

I think a lot about writing. I haven’t actually studied it, mind you, but I think about it a lot, and sometimes I even read things about it. If you thought I did something well in Blank Slate, and you’re interested to hear more about that, let me know with a comment here or wherever else you follow me, because I will be writing some “making-of” essays over the next few weeks. The topics will range from the searingly obvious (how do write women?) to the outright fluffy (someone asked how I pick names for characters, which is going to be REALLY embarrassing for me because the answer is “in about 40 different ways”, I’m so excited to share with you).  

Those will be hosted over at my (currently inactive) regular blog, HERE, simply because, I want to keep the Blank Slate site relatively clean. I will try to stick to the every-Friday upload schedule, but I might upload outside of that if I have something ready to rock.  

But For How Long?:

When will we be back to the grimdark, firelit world of Blank Slate? I’m personally shooting for a return date of November 6th–that’s right, we’re shifting to a Saturday update schedule.  That should (hopefully) give me time to diagram and launch Book 2, and much like I had wanted Book 1 to end around the start of autumn, I want Book 2 to start before winter kicks in.  

What Can You Tell Me About Book 2?:  

Every member of the little party has been irrevocably changed, and their time is limited. Winter hits hard in Frydain, and the daylight is already waning. Aidan and Mariead are no strangers to woodcraft, but Mariead’s waning health presents a complication, and Eris is new to the life of a fugitive. And then there’s Dermot himself, whose diabolical counsellor seems to be growing ever more…opinionated.  

Short on options and even shorter on time, the little band of heretics pushes on as quick as they can endure through a Forest that is growing rapidly colder. As daylight and hope wane, Dermot can’t help but wonder what it is that will do them in first: the frost, the Church, or the druids.  

Check back here every Saturday starting November 6th to find out.  

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