1.1.1 – Baneberry Trail  

The afternoon wasn’t proving to be any less gloomy than the morning. At least I had company.  “Sure you caught all that, lass? There was a lot to remember.”  I couldn’t keep the grin off my face. Hard to remember that there wasn’t a need to.   We were the head of the column of […]

1.0.7 – Life’s Debt  

Rina and the old hunter held conference at the edge of our hollow, well away from the edge of the broken circle. They spoke in low voices that I didn’t listen to, Rina’s tone purring, confident, the old man’s harsh and gruff. See, what was his name again, lass? Rina just told us.    “I…don’t […]

1.0.6 – Stir the Serpent  

Fury hung on my belt like a lump of lead. Aidan hovered at my  left, just at the corner of my eye. Grannine wrapped Herself around me from behind, while I stood with my right hand on Eris’ shoulder. The four of us, and the fifteen druids without the circle, watched, as Rina pressed her […]

1.0.5 – Intercede  

Fourteen druids descended into the hollow. Talvec was the first to approach us, hands empty, hood thrown back. He offered us a bow, hands at his sides.   “Dermot of Raven Lake. Well met on the common path again.”   “Hell of a path, Talvec of Starfurrow.”   “Thank you for vouching for us.” Eris offered her hand. […]