1.2.6 – Black Flag  

Mud squished up under my feet as I stared, hands on her shoulders. Damp air was cold on my newly-bare face, and the skin felt too tight, taut, like a skull.   The Inquisitor rode a white horse. Everything he and his horse wore was white, splashed with mud from the road north, tack and harness […]

1.2.5 – Widow’s Strop  

Steel sang back and forth, hissing over leather with each stroke, up and down. Broth rumbled and cast iron grated on the far side of the wall while I stood staring at steam rising from a basin of hot water, passing a long razor back and forth along its strop. The air was thick with […]

1.2.4 – False Faithful 

The front door creaked shut behind me, shutting out the mist. A woman’s voice rang from the other room, rosy and good-natured.   “I’ll just be a moment!”  The Forge was a tavern, which I found more confusing than I’d have admitted aloud. I stepped over the threshold onto a stone floor. The roof was low, […]

1.2.3 – Farm Furrow Weeds  

The road to Caer Lunan was long and marked with wagon ruts, packed dirt torn up into muddy furrows. My legs ached, bruises from yesterday’s fight and more twinging with each step, and I kept my head down, eyes up under my hood, watching the fields to either side as we walked in. I felt […]