1.4.3 – First Rebellion  

The folk of Caer Lunan had been planning their moment of insurrection long enough to cast maces, steal crossbows, and fit handles to hatchets in preparation for some theoretical uprising where the town could pick their moment. But this had been more than a riot. The sort of thing that would be terrifying to the […]

1.4.2 – Spark To Flame  

The crowd surged forward, bodies crushing in around me. The other penitent-priest, the Inquisitor’s hand-picked hunting hound, sprang onto the steps of the chapel and drew his sword in turn.   “Loyal soldiers of the Church, to me!” he shouted.   “Get fucking back, you pack of idiots,” Blake snarled, at the same time. “Run! Tell the […]

1.4.1 – Lightning Sky

I felt like I was trying to force my eyes into the back of Sergeant Cooper’s head. Partly trying to pry the mood out of him while he was stood there. Partly because the alternative was looking at the masked Inquisitor whose presence grated on my nerves.   The Inquisitor didn’t even wait to see the […]

1.3.5 – Raven Speech  

Late golden light spilled through the clouds over Caer Lunan, long shafts cutting lines in the fog and gloom overhead. Off to the east, the sky was not quite dark, but the specter of night was hiding there under the storm, waiting like a hungry wolf for the sun to drop lower to the horizon, […]