1.6.2 – Firebrand

The taste of blood was thick, a sheet of copper on my tongue. Strange and wonderful visions came in swift succession, a geometric motet that filled my head with splendor. Shooting pains ran through my head, and I winced, flinching back, pressing my left palm to my temple. Strands of trailing hair tangled through my […]

1.6.1 – Concatenate

I did not recognize the scene before me. All things seemed alien, transfigured. The walls of my home had started to burn. Flame sprouted to saplings where white-hot blood had touched the floor. Smoke filled the air. Thick, strangling, it stung in my lungs, even through the cloth that covered my face. I stood in the […]

1.6.0 – Carving Failure

“Priesthood of Cleansing,” the Inquisitor hissed, raising his sword. “To me!”   None of the three men in the hall beyond made a move to join him. Couldn’t imagine why.   Drops of glowing blood spilled from my left hand. With each impact, they hissed and flared to life on the rug. A single thin rivulet of […]

1.5.7 – Losing Temper

Mariead’s narrow shoulders darted down the corridor just ahead. I felt the walls loom to either side, like they were pressing in, ready to crush me, and I was very glad to reach the end of them, stumbling back into Lord Valraven’s more public study.   One of the Caer Lunan farmers stood crouched back in […]