1.4.2 – Spark To Flame  

The crowd surged forward, bodies crushing in around me. The other penitent-priest, the Inquisitor’s hand-picked hunting hound, sprang onto the steps of the chapel and drew his sword in turn.   “Loyal soldiers of the Church, to me!” he shouted.   “Get fucking back, you pack of idiots,” Blake snarled, at the same time. “Run! Tell the […]

1.3.5 – Raven Speech  

Late golden light spilled through the clouds over Caer Lunan, long shafts cutting lines in the fog and gloom overhead. Off to the east, the sky was not quite dark, but the specter of night was hiding there under the storm, waiting like a hungry wolf for the sun to drop lower to the horizon, […]

1.3.4 – Sergeant’s Edge

Wasn’t much by the way of seating. I sat with half my arse on a piece of unsplit firewood, used a larger log as a table. Sergeant Blake sat off to my left, as did all the rest of his lads, where I could keep an eye on them, and they could keep an eye […]

1.3.1. – Temperance  

“Fucking hell–” I jumped back a pace, and a too-sharp knife hissed in the air, nearly opening me up like a pig. “Easy! I didn’t lay a hand on your fucking wee prince!”   How does she know? What kind of fucking witch–  “Then who are you? And why do you have his sword?”    Oh.   “That’s […]

1.2.2 – Caer Lunan  

Caer Lunan was not a large town.   It clustered up against a narrow ridge, nearly all its wee houses built with their backs to the slope. Among them, one central house stood out, and behind it, smaller but taller, a chapel with the Church’s star nailed atop its belltower.  We crouched near the edge of […]

1.2.1 – Taste of Hope 

“I asked Rina for food, as per your instructions.” Aidan delivered this report brusquely, just like he delivered us the flatbreads, now piled high with a glistening, broken-up topping. We sat together in the dark, our backs to the camp. “She gave us some of her rations. Something called–”  “Oh, fuck me,” I recognized the […]

1.1.6 – Spiral Camp

Storm clouds choked the light well before sunset, more cold, bitter rain cutting easily through the open canopy above. I was warmer, at least, a ripped scarlet tabard and stolen Church cloak between oilcloth and chain.   No more fumbling about in the forest. We sat on a stump at the edge of a grove of […]

1.1.5 – Musket Nun

Mariead cradled the Teague firearm like an infant, the long neck of it braced in the crook of her elbow, the hilt of it in her hand. Her eyes were wide, glazed off into the hillside. Thin fingers hovered over the mechanism, old cuts black and silver on her skin.   Grannine stood at her […]

1.1.4 – Druid Work  

For three hundred years after the Fall, the Church had kept its foot on our neck. Hunted us. They drove us from the towns, into the wilds, and burnt our Holds wherever they found them. They taught that we were heretical to the Church of Saint Kendrick, traitors to the one right and holy way […]

1.1.3 – Broadhead 

In actual fact, people are not so often willing to charge into violent confrontation. They hesitate around the edges and wait for someone to slip. There’s always a first man to break. I’d seen enough to know the signs; the wild animal eyes, the shift of weight, the tensing in his shoulders. I spotted those […]