1.4.4 – Thunderbolts 

In the time it had taken Mariead and I to exchange words, the shape of the fight changed again. I’d been left behind by a double-line of farmers with no shields and no armor, who’d put themselves on our front line against the penitents. Grannine’s hand was hot on my shoulder, Her breath in my […]

1.3.4 – Sergeant’s Edge

Wasn’t much by the way of seating. I sat with half my arse on a piece of unsplit firewood, used a larger log as a table. Sergeant Blake sat off to my left, as did all the rest of his lads, where I could keep an eye on them, and they could keep an eye […]

1.2.3 – Farm Furrow Weeds  

The road to Caer Lunan was long and marked with wagon ruts, packed dirt torn up into muddy furrows. My legs ached, bruises from yesterday’s fight and more twinging with each step, and I kept my head down, eyes up under my hood, watching the fields to either side as we walked in. I felt […]

1.1.3 – Broadhead 

In actual fact, people are not so often willing to charge into violent confrontation. They hesitate around the edges and wait for someone to slip. There’s always a first man to break. I’d seen enough to know the signs; the wild animal eyes, the shift of weight, the tensing in his shoulders. I spotted those […]

1.0.7 – Life’s Debt  

Rina and the old hunter held conference at the edge of our hollow, well away from the edge of the broken circle. They spoke in low voices that I didn’t listen to, Rina’s tone purring, confident, the old man’s harsh and gruff. See, what was his name again, lass? Rina just told us.    “I…don’t […]

1.0.6 – Stir the Serpent  

Fury hung on my belt like a lump of lead. Aidan hovered at my  left, just at the corner of my eye. Grannine wrapped Herself around me from behind, while I stood with my right hand on Eris’ shoulder. The four of us, and the fifteen druids without the circle, watched, as Rina pressed her […]

1.0.4 – Harvest

The old druid nodded. He beckoned to the woman who accompanied him. She was only just his height, features hidden by hood and shawl, hands hanging loose at her side. No weapons on her belt, not that she’d need any. “What is she, my Dermot?” Grannine broke a silence I hadn’t realized She’d been keeping, […]