What Is Blank Slate?

First page is [HERE] for those of you who don’t want spoilers! Table of Contents is here if you want to catch up!

Blank Slate: (The Summary)

The isolated kingdom of Frydain is heading for a long, dark winter, especially for jaded sellsword and professional bastard Dermot Slate, who is about to receive an offer he’s dreamed of his entire life. A chance to spit in the eye of the Church and cement his place as a legend. A daring mission fit only for the bitterest, wildest, most self-destructive sort of mercenary.

In other words, ideal.

Dermot’s life isn’t easy; he’s on the run from a vengeful sorcerer, he can’t seem to hold on to money, he’s wanted by the Church in four shires, there’s a disgraced Templar dogging his steps, and he’s possessed by a demon who might be urging him on to his death.

The autumn’s only ending, and winter is looking bleak. But if Dermot can make it to spring, there are better days ahead.

If the Church doesn’t catch them first.

Blank Slate: (The Project)

Hi. My name’s Michael. I write things. I’ve been writing things for myself and others for a while now, some of which are online under the name Ace Of Words, but I’ve never been published. So I thought I’d publish something myself, for free, on the internet. Blank Slate is a creative project I thought would be an ideal candidate for adaptation to a serial form. Have I ever written a web serial before? No. Am I doing it anyway? Yes. Do I regret how I set up the chapters? Yes. Am I going to change it? Not yet!

Blank Slate will update Sunday evenings. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.